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FAQs on Merger and Demerger

Please refer Exchange circular NSE/MSD/41993 dated August 29, 2019 and NSE/MSD/49949 dated October 14, 2021.

Members can place the above request through ENIT at the below path:
Membership>TCP IP Scenario>Merge
Membership>TCP IP Scenario>De Merge

Requests for merge and demerge shall be allowed only for commissioned leased lines under both Managed and Self Service modes.

Currently, such a facility is not available. As mentioned earlier, requests for Merge and Demerge are accepted only on commissioned leased lines under both Managed and Self Service modes.

No. Members need to ensure that there are no requests pending on the links to be merged. In this case, as the shifting is pending on a connectivity to be merged, the same shall not be accepted.

After the merger activity, only one IP out of the 2 merging IPs shall continue to exist. Members are required to confirm the IP to be retained (resultant IP) while placing the merger request. The non- retained IP shall be considered as surrendered and the boxes for the same shall be disabled.


Yes. Router shall be retained by the member and can be used as per members discretion. However, member cannot cancel the router purchase order issued to Sify for demerge request.

Yes. The request for Merge/Demerge requests can be cancelled till the request is not completed on ENIT.

  1. Request for Merge or Demerge is accepted having met the following conditions:
    Both merging connectivity shall be have:
    1. Same bandwidth
    2. Same scenario
    3. Present at the same location
  2. Merging and De-merging connectivity shall not have any pending requests on the same including those of Child IPs.
  3. For demerge activity, member shall ensure availability of router as specified by NSE, procured from Sify and having covered under warranty/AMC with Sify (earlier procured under managed service mode or new procurement).

Members need to ensure that active User ids on the non-retained IP are disabled or shifted before placing the merge request. The request for disablement or shifting can be placed via ENIT on the following path:
Trade>User ID request>Disable Neat User ID
Trade>User ID request>Shifting of Neat User ID

The following points needs to be ensured before placing the shifting/disablement of User ids request via ENIT:-

  1. Disabling/shifting of User ids should be carried out in the below sequence:
    1. CTCL enabled Dealer User ids /Non Neat User ids.
    2. Dealer User ids
    3. Branch Manager
  2. Corporate Manager If a CTCL enabled/Non Neat User id is shifting to a new TAP IP, a Branch Manager/ Corporate Manager should already be present on the destination TAP IP.

Members need to ensure that no User ids are multi locked on the non-retained IP before placing the merge request. The request for removal of multi lock of User ids can be placed via ENIT on the following path:
Trade>User ID request>Multiple Lock Neat User ID.

Processing fee shall not be applicable from the Exchange end for the above requests. Charges at Network Integrator's end can be checked with Sify.

NSE specified router, as applicable under managed service mode router is required for the new IP resulting out of Demerge. The said router should be under warranty / AMC with Sify. In case the member already has a router meeting the above requirements, the same may be used; else a new router should be procured.

Member needs to send a duly filled, signed & stamped Purchase order (PO) to Sify Technologies Ltd. on the email id <onsite_nse@sifycorp.com>. Members are requested to refer to circular ref no. NSE/MSD/40093 dated January 31, 2019 for format of PO. In the purchase order, the delivery address must be same where the scenario/link is operational. Lead time for router delivery shall be 8 weeks post receipt of complete PO by Sify from member.

Members may contact Trade Support helpdesk on Toll free no 1800 266 0050 (option 1) or email msm@nse.co.in for any additional queries.

Download FAQs on Merger and Demerger (.pdf)


“This document/FAQ has been drafted in order to ease Member’s/reader’s understanding of the subject matter. The information and/ or content (collectively ‘Information’) provided herein is general information only and NSE has issued detailed circulars to that effect from time to time. While reasonable care has been exercised to ensure that the Information is adequate and reliable, no representation is made by NSE as to its accuracy or completeness and NSE, its affiliates and subsidiaries accept no liability of whatsoever nature for any direct or consequential loss, including without limitation any loss of profits, arising from reliance on this Information. The readers are expected to undertake their own diligence and are advised not to solely rely on this document. Any such reliance shall be at the reader’s own risk. Nothing stated herein shall bind NSE, in any manner whatsoever.”

Updated on: 06/01/2023