14-Jun-2024 | 83.5000

13-Jun-2024 17:00

Lac Crs 428.14 | Tn $ 5.12


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Code of Advertisement

Members should obtain prior approval for all advertisement before issuance from the Exchange and comply with the Code for Advertisements as prescribed by the Exchange from time to time. Members can apply for Advertisement approval through ‘NEW ENIT-COMPLIANCE’ module. Members not complying with the Code for Advertisement may have to face disciplinary proceedings as prescribed by Exchange from time to time.

Download Circular No. NSE/COMP/55482 dated 02 February 2023 for revised code of advertisement (.pdf)

Download Circular No. NSE/COMP/18438 dated 25 July 2011 for Procedure for Approval of Advertisement (.pdf)

Download Circular No. NSE/COMP/33643 dated 16 November 2016 (.zip)

Download Circular No. NSE/COMP/35133 dated June 16, 2017 (.zip)

Download FAQ on NSE Advertisement (.pdf)


Updated on: 16/11/2023