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Member Services Help Guide

Trade helpdesk toll free no.1800 266 0050 (Select IVR option 1)

The primary point of contact for Members pertaining to functions handled by Member Service Department (MSD).

Click here  to download "Help Guide"

Services offered by MSD are broadly categorized as:-

  • Access to Markets
  • Continuous Markets
  • Non-continuous Markets

This help guide shall assist members in understanding the specific areas under purview of MSD.

MSD Help-guide


1 Enablement
  • Segment/product enablement (CM, FO, CD, CO, Debt, IPO, SLBM, MFSS)
  • SME market maker registration
  • Change in clearing member
  • Conversion of membership type (Normal to Alpha and vice-versa)
  • SLBM surrender
2 User id
  • Allotment, Shifting, Disablement, Status change etc.
  • NEAT to CTCL Activation and Deactivation.
  • Validity update of dealer certificate.
3 Connectivity
  • Applications for connectivity (Activation, Surrender, Change in Bandwidth, Shifting, Cancellation, Change in Category, Scenario merger / de-merger, bandwidth change)
  • Connectivity at third party data centre
4 Co-Location facility
  • Allotment, Surrender of Racks
  • Allotment, Surrender and message change of Tap IP
  • NOC for P2P lines
  • Processing of CaaS application (TM affiliation & deactivation)
5 NNF Registration
  • In-house registration of member
  • Product approval for NNF applications-CTCL,IBT,STWT,DMA,SOR, ALGO

Order and Trade Matching Markets

1 Transactional
  • Flexing of Daily Price range (DPR) for option contracts in FO & CD segments
  • Flexing of SLBS security DPR
  • Market maker (inventory exhaust, appointment, discontinuation)
  • SME lot size revision
  • Password reset, User reset & User unlocking
  • Limit setting process
  • User creation in NOTIS
  • Contingency pool access
  • PRO undertaking
  • Granting temporary rights for participation in mock session for the following: NNF/CTCL conversion, password reset, user unlocking and pro-enablement
  • Restoration of historical files (chargeable services)
2 Operational
  • Clarification on circulars
  • Adjustments of Corporate actions for F&O contracts
  • Trade Annulment
  • Status on daily market data files
3 Technical
  • NEAT & NEAT+ Installation procedure & configuration
  • NEAT Adapter installation
  • NEAT, NEAT+ application functionalities
  • NOTIS installation and configuration
  • Technical support for Order entry and trade related queries
  • Request submission on ENIT for password reset, pro enable/disable, unlocking requests and bulk-block reporting
4 Test & Simulation Market
  • Access and technical support
  • Login credentials and password reset
  • Application Program Interface (API)

Order and Bid Collection Platforms

1 Negotiated Trade reporting platform (NTRP)
  • Turnover Certificate
  • Enablement
  • Registration of New Participants/Modification of details
  • Unregistered ID creation
  • Login through OTP
  • Bank and DP registration
  • Reporting of deals (Bid Entry and status)
  • Password reset for admin user
3 Capital Market Dissemination Board (CMDB)
  • Enablement
  • Assistance on operational guidelines
  • Registration/Modification of Participant details
  • Login through OTP
  • Bid Entry and status
  • Password reset for admin user
5 Initial Public Offerings (IPO) - Main board IPO, SME IPO, InvIT IPO, REITS IPO, and Debt IPO  
  • Login through OTP
  • Bid Entry and status
  • Password reset for admin user
  • Application Protocol Interface (API) for development of customized applications
6 Tender Offer (Buyback/Takeover and Delisting), Offer for Sale (OFS) ,Right Issue (Equity Shares and units of InvITs and REITS) and Rights – Call Money Notices (Partly Paid-up Securities) 
  • Details of early pay-in of securities on bidding screen
  • Bid Entry and status
  • Assistance on operational guidelines
  • Password reset/Enablement of user
  • Application Protocol Interface (API) for development of customized applications
7 Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB), Non Competitive Bidding for G-Sec, SDL & T-Bills (NCB) & Subscription of ETF (e-ETF)  
  • Login through OTP
  • Password reset for admin user
  • Bid Entry and status
  • Guidance on installation of goBID APP
  • Application Protocol Interface (API) for development of customized applications
8 Mutual Funds-MFSS  
  • NAV updation
  • Bid entry and status
  • Assistance on operational guidelines
  • Application Protocol Interface (API) for development of customized applications
  • SIP registration
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