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User ID

The trading system of the Exchange is accessed by the trading member through various modes of connectivity with a unique identification number called User ID. The User ID is a system generated number which is allotted to an individual who is recognised as “Approved User” of the Trading Member.

User ID - Types and Certification requirement:

NEAT ID: Neat IDs are issued to trading members to access the trading platform of the Exchange. Each NEAT user is assigned a status as Corporate Manager / Branch Manager / Dealer. These IDs are issued to Approved user depending on fulfilment of the certification requirement as may be specified by SEBI/Exchange, from time to time.

Members have an option to convert their NEAT IDs to Non-Neat Front end (NNF)/CTCL and/or enable them for CTCL/STWT/DMA/IBT and shall report the details of 12 digit CTCL/IBT/DMA/STWT terminals to the Exchange before routing any order through such terminals.

Details of all CTCL/IBT/DMA/STWT terminals (activations as well as deactivations) irrespective of purpose (Trading / Testing / View / Admin) shall be reported to the Exchange in advance. The facility to report the CTCL/IBT/DMA/STWT terminal data can be accessed through the electronic interface provided by the Exchange (ENIT) through the following path (ENIT Login > Trading > Member Reporting Pre-Trade > CTCL ID Activation).

Further, trading members can carry out their order activity on the same day subsequent to their upload of their CTCL /IBT/DMA/STWT terminals through ENIT. The 12 Digit Terminal ID will be activated from the date mentioned in CTCL Activation request.

Failure to upload the details, by a member, if observed shall render such terminals unauthorized and shall consequently attract disciplinary action as prescribed by the Exchange from time to time.

The approved persons reported by the member should have valid certification, as may be applicable from time to time.

Trading member desirous of obtaining user IDs are required to meet certification requirement as specified by SEBI /Exchange from time to time. Applicable requirement are as follows: Segment Applicable norms
1 Capital Market Segment Valid NCFM / NISM Series VII certification for Corporate Manager & Branch Manager User ID.
2 Futures & Options Segment Valid Certificate issued through SEBI approved certification programme for each User ID.
3 Currency Derivatives Segment Valid Certificate issued through SEBI approved certification programme for each User ID in Currency Derivatives and Interest Rate Derivatives.


Non-NEAT ID: Exchange has provided a separate category of Non-Neat user without NEAT login facility along with the current categories of users. Members are requested to note that such category of user shall not be allowed to login/ trade through NEAT/NEAT Plus. Members will be required to build additional back up facilities for exigency. This category of user will not be required to provide any certification as the user does not have trading eligibility by itself.

User ID allotment limits under different connectivity type:

The trading members are allotted User IDs across segments depending upon the choice of scenarios as the mode of connectivity. For connectivity options at NSE- refer - Members can also specify the distribution of the messages and User IDs for each of the segments subject to the maximum permissible limits as specified below.  

Category Messages per second Maximum permissible NEAT User IDs Maximum permissible NNF User IDs
(A) (B) (C) (D)
A 40 50 User IDs per box for each segment (CM, FO, CD) All dealers can be converted into NNF/CTCL subject to (C)
B 100 50 User IDs per box for each segment (CM, FO, CD)
C 200 50 User IDs per box for each segment (CM, FO, CD)
D 400 50 User IDs per box for each segment (CM, FO, CD)

Note: CO segment default Message per second is 120 and User limit is 50.

Type of User ID requests:

Trading members can submit the various types of User ID requests through our dedicated electronic member interface ‘ENIT’ ( through the below mentioned path - Trading>User ID request). All the requests submitted from ENIT need to be digitally signed.  

Various types of request:

Levy of non-uploading charges of CTCL details in ENIT

Trading members are required to report the complete 12 digit terminal details to avoid mismatches. Failure to upload the details or upload of incorrect details will lead to CTCL ID mismatch, and result in levy of penalty and/or other disciplinary action as may be deemed necessary by the relevant authority.

  • Request for New NEAT User ID / new CTCL enabled NEAT user ID
  • Shifting of user ID
  • Change User Name
  • Disablement of User ID
  • Double Locking of User ID
  • SLBM Enablement/Disablement
  • Change User Status

In order to facilitate members with the mismatch details, Provisional CTCL mismatches file is provided on daily basis so as to enable them to take immediate corrective action and avoid penalty charges by reporting the correct terminals details. The report is available in ENIT in the following link:> Trading > Trade Compliance (Post Trade) > Provisional CTCL Mismatch (Report)  

Trading members failing to report the correct terminal details appearing in the provisional file on the same day, the mismatches become final and are transferred to Final CTCL mismatches. The report is available in ENIT in the following link:> Trading > Trade Compliance (Post Trade) > Final CTCL Mismatch (Report).  

Further, in case any CTCL ID is charged continuously for two months or any member is charged continuously for three months, such member would be referred to Disciplinary Action Committee for appropriate action, if necessary. Non-reporting of CTCL IDs which are used for admin, testing or view purpose will be considered as violation during inspection.  

For other details on user management, dealer certifications, enablement/modification of user/terminal, reporting requirements, CTCL mismatches, business continuity provisions, other assistances etc, kindly refer consolidated circular on matters relating to User ID requests.  

In case of any queries/clarification on User IDs, please contact on Toll Free number: 1800 266 0050 or email us at

Updated on: 31/03/2022
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