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(Circular No. NSE/MEM/2006/556, download reference no. NSE/MEMB/8109 dated November 15, 2006)

Download reference no. NSE/MEMB/8109 (.zip)

The Exchange is also in process of servicing the requests of Trading Members like Application for Leased Lines and Change in Shareholding/Directors, etc. through ENIT. This would make interaction and tracking of the status more transparent and reliable. It is proposed to accept all aforesaid requests only through ENIT after successful implementation of the digital signature and to avoid receipt of applications in hard form.

In our continuous endeavor to ensure smooth flow of communication with our Members and make your effort hassle free, the Exchange has decided that it would provide every Member with Class 2 digital signature certificate, legally valid under the Indian IT Act 2000. 

In this regard, the Members are requested to note the following:

  • The Member would be required to send a request for digital signature to be allotted to one Designated Director (already approved by the Exchange/SEBI) involved in the day to day activities. Kindly note that signature once obtained for a specified designated director cannot be transferred in favour of any other person. In the event of resignation/cessation of service of such a designated director, on whose behalf digital signature is obtained by the Member through the Exchange, the Member would have to apply for cancellation/revocation of the digital signature and apply afresh for another digital signature in the name of another designated director, in which case, the cost would be borne by the Member.
  • The Exchange would bear the cost of providing one digital signature per Member with a validity period of two years.
  • All the Members are requested to go through the Process Guide as provided in Annexure 1 and submit the application form as per Annexure 2 on or before December 10, 2006.

    Download Digital Signature Certificate for Members - ANNEXURE 1 (.doc)

    Download Request form for class-2 certificate - ANNEXURE 2 (.doc)

  • After submission of application form in hard copy along with the relevant documents, NSE.IT would issue Token Redemption Number and a CD Serial Key which will be forwarded to the email address mentioned in the application form of the Member. Subsequently, the Member has to send a request through online enrolment. In this regard, please refer to Annexure 3.

    Download Online enrolment process - ANNEXURE 3 (.doc)

  • The digital certificate issued will have a validity period of two years from the date of issuance and needs to be renewed by the Member before the expiry of the term.
  • The cost of renewing the digital certificate (obtained through the said scheme) will be Rs. 1000+taxes as applicable, which shall be required to be borne by the Member.
  • Members are advised to directly communicate with NSE.IT for cancellation/revocation/renewal of the digital certificate. Members need to take utmost care and caution to ensure that the digital signature obtained by them on behalf of their designated director are not misused, stolen etc. since the liability and responsibility for the usage shall solely vest with the Member entity.

    For any query related to submission of documents by a Member, processing of application, downloading certificate etc. Members may contact Ms. Sneha Mody on 022-28277741.

    For further details, please refer to Circular No.556, Download Reference No. NSE/MEMB/8109 dated November 15, 2006.
    Download reference no. NSE/MEMB/8109 (.zip)

    Further vide Circular No.628, Download Reference No. NSE/MEM/10693 dated May 13, 2008, Members are intimated to have at least one digital signature to sign the application through ENIT digitally for various processes/functions.

Updated on: 30/04/2024