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FAQs on Trade Drop Copy Facility


The NSE Drop Copy is the trade data feed of NSE. It disseminates information about members / users trades on a real time basis. The data is sent to members on a TCP/IP communication protocol. Drop Copy facility is available in Capital Market, Futures & Options, Currency Derivatives and Commodity Derivatives Segments of the Exchange.

Exchange has provided a list of IP addresses and Port numbers of drop copy gateways that member systems must connect to. (Refer Exchange circular 45703 dated September 15, 2020 for details).

Member systems must initiate a TCP socket connection to the address given by the exchange. After TCP socket connection, a member system must follow the login process mentioned in the API document.

Member system must shut down their TCP connection properly.

Yes. Login to Drop copy server is available during market hours in all segments

Login to Drop Copy shall be available in various segments as follows:

Segment Start End
Capital Market 07:00 AM 07:00 PM
Futures & Options 07:00 AM 07:00 PM
Currency Derivatives 07:00 AM 08:30 PM
Commodity Derivatives 07:00 AM 02:00 AM

No. All members enabled for trading can take access to the Drop Copy facility. No separate request is required to be submitted to the Exchange for taking access.

Members are required to use the Trading login credentials (user ID and password) for login into Drop Copy Server. Any changes to the login credentials i.e. Password of the user ID during the day on the trading system will be effective on drop copy gateway on the same trading day.

Through drop copy, user cannot reset the password but any password change done on trading system will be get reflected in drop copy system. New login on drop copy, after password reset on trading system, should be done with new password.

Yes. Drop copy channel is independent of the Interactive channel. Member can simultaneously login for trading as well as for Drop Copy with the same user ID.

Following information will be sent through Drop Copy system

  • Trade confirmation
  • Trade modification confirmation
  • Trade modification reject
  • Trade cancel confirmation
  • Trade cancel reject


Member login using Corporate Manager user credentials will get all member firm level trade data. Whereas members using branch manager and dealer user’s credentials will get only respective user’s trade data. (Data download at branch level is not available through Drop Copy facility)

Yes. All the trade feed related to clearing member will be available.

During download request user needs to specify the time from when the messages download should start. Kindly refer “Drop Copy Message Download Request” in the API document for more details.

The trade feed of all the trading sessions shall be available in the drop copy.

The trades executed in the following sessions shall be available in the drop copy channel

  • Pre-open
  • Normal market (Continuous matching)
  • Special Pre-open for IPO listing / Relisting
  • Illiquid call auction session
  • Block trades
  • Post close session


(Note: MPLS shall be discontinued w.e.f. March 31, 2021. Kindly refer to Download Ref. No. NSE/MSD/45173 dated July 30, 2020 for details)

No. There are no charges levied by the Exchange for subscribing to the Drop Copy facility.

No. As mentioned above, only information on Trades is available from the “Drop Copy Facility.

No. Drop Copy is available only on Existing modes of connectivity i.e. Lease Lines, MPLS and colocation facility.

(Note: MPLS shall be discontinued w.e.f. March 31, 2021. Kindly refer to Download Ref. No. NSE/MSD/45173 dated July 30, 2020 for details)

No. As mentioned above, the Drop copy channel is independent of the Interactive channel thus there is no impact on the message rate.

Download FAQs on Trade Drop copy Facility (.pdf)

Disclaimer :

This document/FAQ has been drafted in order to ease Member’s/reader’s understanding of the subject matter. The information and/ or content (collectively ‘Information’) provided herein is general information only and NSE has issued detailed circulars to that effect from time to time, While reasonable care has been exercised to ensure that the information is adequate and reliable, no representation is made by NSE as to its accuracy or completeness and NSE, its affiliates and subsidiaries accept no liability of whatsoever nature for any direct or consequential loss, including without limitation any loss of profits, arising from reliance on this information. The readers are expected to undertake their own diligence and are advised not to solely rely on this document. Any such reliance shall be at the reader’s own risk. Nothing stated herein shall bind NSE, in any manner whatsoever.”

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