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FAQs on Trading Protocols

Yes, if members desire to customize the trading front-end according to their requirements, they can do so by developing a Non-NEAT front-end.

Members can procure Non-NEAT Front-end software solutions from various Vendors / Application Service Providers (ASP) empaneled with the Exchange or can develop themselves using the API specification documents.

For developing Non-NEAT front-end applications, members/vendors have to refer to Exchange provided documents. These documents describe the protocol to be used for Non-NEAT Front-end (NNF) applications to communicate with the Exchange's Trading System and thus serve as a development guide for the NNF developers.

There are two methods to connect the Exchange Trading Platform,
1. Using Exchange provided NEAT Adapter application
2. Direct Connection using API Protocol
Please refer to the below link for more details

Exchange trading system is a 3-tier system with NEAT Adapter (NA) acting as a middle-ware between Front-End and Host End. The NA system consists of a software component running on server class hardware platform which allows access and connectivity to the Exchange trading systems. Exchange provided trading front ends – NEAT and NEATPlus software can connect to NEAT Adapter system, which in turn will communicate with the Exchange trading system, thereby facilitating trading.

Members can connect directly to Exchange without any middle-ware application provided by the Exchange. Member systems must initiate a TCP socket connection to the address given by the exchange. Members can refer to the NNF Trimmed Protocol documents for details regarding connection feature.

The Trimmed Protocol document is the protocol document of the Exchange which describes the general guidelines and message structures / flow required to be implemented for communication with the Exchange trading systems. The protocol has Structures for Order Entry Request, Order Modification /Cancelation Request and Response, Trade Modification, Trade Confirmation, Market data broadcast etc.

Exchange provides Tick by Tick Data via multicast (MTBT). Members who wish to develop applications to use MTBT are required to refer the below link.

Members can subscribe to the Drop copy facility provided by the Exchange. Members developing the functionality need to refer the below link where you will get API documents for connecting and receiving the drop copy from the Exchange.

Exchange provides API Documentation for Online Trade Inquiry Service. Through NOTIS Trade Inquiry API members can inquire for trade & actions (any modifications performed on trade).

You can refer the below link to get an information related to trading protocols.

Download FAQs on Trading Protocols (.pdf)


“This document/FAQ has been drafted in order to ease Member’s/reader’s understanding of the subject matter. The information and/ or content (collectively ‘Information’) provided herein is general information only and NSE has issued detailed circulars to that effect from time to time. While reasonable care has been exercised to ensure that the Information is adequate and reliable, no representation is made by NSE as to its accuracy or completeness and NSE, its affiliates and subsidiaries accept no liability of whatsoever nature for any direct or consequential loss, including without limitation any loss of profits, arising from reliance on this Information. The readers are expected to undertake their own diligence and are advised not to solely rely on this document. Any such reliance shall be at the reader’s own risk. Nothing stated herein shall bind NSE, in any manner whatsoever.”

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