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Commodity Risk Management & Applications Macquarie University

Commodity Risk Management & Applications Macquarie University

Total Duration Certification Validity Course Type
10-15 Hours Lifetime Self-Paced & Online

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Kritika: +91 9372500961

Prathma: +91 9137662466


Businesses face a range of exposures which are, increasingly, able to be hedged by financial market instruments. In addition to interest rate exposures, firms can hedge commodity, energy and other exposures. This module explores in detail the application of Risk Management Principles and techniques to these exposures and considers the value of financial hedging tools in these applications.

  • Program content is curated by Macquarie University, Australia
  • Industry practitioners deliver self-paced e-learning modules that are carefully structured to focus on treasury management abilities.
  • Program is divided into units and modules to offer flexible learning journey.
  • Apply the learnings in real world scenario, each unit and the whole program will have a simulation-based assessment.
  • Upon completion of any units/ modules, you will be awarded with a digital badge and joint certificate by NSE Academy & Macquarie University.
  • Online Self-Paced Sessions Delivered by Industry Practitioners.
  • Flexible Learning Choose any unit or module as per need.
  • Joint Certification by NSE Academy and Macquarie University
  • Professionals and Consultants for those who have recently moved into a corporate treasury role; and/or work with Corporate Treasury departments.
  • Early Career Professionals can join this program to explore career opportunities in Corporate Treasury.

1. Opening Scenario - Nickel Market Volatility

2. Resources and activities

3. Key Concepts - Importance of Risk Management

4. Industry Interview

5. Hedging - Price Risk Management

6. Options-Notes

7. Case Study: Qantas Airlines

Updated on: 23/07/2024