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IIM Kashipur - Executive Program in Fintech & Applied Financial Analytics

IIM Kashipur - Executive Program in Fintech & Applied Financial Analytics

Total Duration Certification Validity Course Type
6 Months No Expiry Date Online Interactive

For further information, contact

Madhur: 8591262151

Akash: 9930821993

Email: skanade@nse.co.in

The Executive Program in Fintech and Applied Financial Analytics is specifically designed for professionals and recent graduates in commerce & engineering who aspire to carve their career in the field of financial technology and analytics. This program provides a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between finance and technology, equipping participants with the necessary tools to excel in the rapidly evolving financial industry. This immersive certification program is meticulously crafted to prepare participants for diverse roles in the financial industry, including FinTech startups, traditional financial institutions, consulting firms, and regulatory agencies.

  • 6 Months of immersive learning from experienced faculty members of IIM Kashipur
  • Industry aligned curriculum to learn intersection between finance, analytics & technology
  • Class discussions, cases, hands- on-projects, interactive & engaging sessions to clear doubts
  • Convenient online weekend sessions for flexible learning & better time management
  • Program certificate jointly issued by IIM Kashipur & NSE Academy

Module 1: Introduction to Fintech and Applied Financial Analytics

  • Understanding Fintech: Evolution and Impact
  • Applied Financial Analytics: Role in Modern Decision-Making
  • Regulatory Landscape in Fintech
  • Navigating Compliance and Legal Considerations
  • Ethical Implications of Fintech

Module 2: Basic Accounting Analytics

  • Basics of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow statement)
  • Analysis of Financial Statement
  • Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy
  • Detecting Patterns in Financial Statements


Module 3: Project Feasibility Evaluation

  • Time Value of Money (Future value, present value, annuity, perpetuity)
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Payback Period and Discounted Payback Period
  • Financial Model Exercise for Project Feasibility Evaluation and Financing


Module 4: Basic Equity Analysis and Firm Valuation

  • Making Capital Investment Decisions
  • Dividend Discount Model
  • Return, Risk, Covariance, Risk Premium
  • Return on Equity, Security Market Line (CAPM) (Cost of equity), Cost of Debt, Analysis of Beta, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method (Free cash flow to firm-based approach)
  • Relative Valuation


Module 5: Time-Series Analysis

  • Autoregressive (AR) Model, Moving average (MA) Model, ARMA Model, GARCH Model
  • GJR-GARCH an d EGARCH Model : Forecasting and Evaluation.
  • Implications of These Models in Implementing Trading Strategies

Module 6: Derivatives Analytics

  • Futures and Forwards (Hedging and speculation, Mark-to-market, Futures/Forward Pricing, Cross- Hedging),
  • Options (Hedging and Speculation using Options, Option Trading Strategies, Option Pricing, Delta Hedging, Delta-Gamma Hedging)


Module 7: Introduction to Blockchain Technology and its Importance

  • Blockchain Basics & Architecture
  • Crypto Primitives

Module 8: Applications of Blockchain

  • Payments and Secure Trading
  • Compliance and Mortgage
  • Financial Trades


Module 9: Basics of Digital Currency, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

  • Basics of Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency in a Portfolio
  • Structural Flaws and Risks

Module 10: Digital Lending Innovations

  • Peer-to-Peer Lending and
  • P2P Marketplace Lending Business
  • Model Consumer Lending


Module 11: Credit Risk Analytics

  • Credit Scoring
  • Probability of Default
  • Estimation
  • Credit VaR Estimation

Build Strong Foundation

Provides a solid foundation in accounting principles, financial analysis and stock valuation so participants can accurately understand and interpret financial data.


Explore Cutting-Edge Technologies

Introduce participants to blockchain technology and how it can be used in finance, making sure they understand the basics and how DLLs can be used in different financial environments.


Develop Analytical Skills

Improves participants' analytical skills by teaching advanced techniques in time series analysis, derivatives analysis, and credit risk assessment.


Foster Innovation and Creativity

Encourage innovative thinking and creativity in digital lending, blockchain applications, and financial analytics to develop innovative solutions for the ever-changing financial technology landscape.


Understand Digital Currencies and Digital Lending

Learn about digital currencies like Bitcoin and how they can be used in new lending models like P2P loans.


Hands-on Exercises and Practical Application

Facilitate hands-on learning experiences and real-world projects, enabling participants to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios to enhance problem-solving abilities.


  •  For Indian Participants – Graduates from a recognized University (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU /State Government) in any discipline with Mathematics/Statistics up to 10+2 level.
  •  For International Participants – Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country.
  •  Proficiency in English, spoken & written is mandatory.

Relevance in a Changing Landscape: Stay ahead in an ever-evolving financial sector by acquiring skills that align with current industry demands.

Career Advancement: Unlock diverse career paths and enhance professional outlook by showcasing specialized skills in Fintech and Applied Financial Analytics.

Foundation for Future Growth: Lay foundation for sustainable career development and growth in the dynamic field of Fintech.

Networking: Connect with fellow professionals and potential collaborators, expanding your professional network.

Tailored Career Kickstart: Gain a foothold in the fintech industry and launch your career with a skill set specifically tailored to meet the demands of the Fintech industry.

Bridge the Academic-Industry Gap: Seamless transition from academia to the professional realm by gaining practical, industry-relevant skills.

Competitive Edge: Stand out in a competitive job market with practical, hands-on skills that demonstrate your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges.

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