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Taking the Test

Candidates need to take the test at the designated NSEiT test centre selected at the time of enrollment.

Download List of NSEiT Test centres (.pdf)

p>Candidates need to be present at the test centre 30 minutes prior to the test time. Candidates who reach the test centre 30 minutes after their scheduled test time would not be allowed to take the test.


Candidates need to carry an original Photo ID proof of verification. Valid photo ID proof include PAN card, Driver's License, Passport, Employee ID, Voter's ID card or Student ID card issued by college or school.

In case of NISM examinations, candidate/s are compulsorily required to produce any ONE of the following Photo Identity proofs in original at the test center, at the time of examination: (a) PAN Card (b) Aadhar Card (c ) Driving License (d) Passport. In absence of Original Photo Identity proof/s mentioned above, candidate/s shall not be allowed to appear for NISM examination.

On arrival at the designated test center on the test date, the NSE Academy test administrator would verify the identity of the candidate and then grant him access to the test terminal.

In case the candidate is not present at the venue at the given test time for any reason whatsoever, the test paper of the candidate would be marked absent. In such cases, the candidate would need to seek fresh enrollment.

The candidate may bring a scientific calculator and a pen to the test venue. A backup sheet and rough sheet(s) would be provided to the candidates for carrying out their workings during the test. This back up sheet and rough sheet(s) needs to be returned to the test administrator before leaving the test venue.

Only open Office application will be made available on the PC for the tests of FIMMDA-NSE Debt Market (Basic) Module, NSE Academy Capital Market Aptitude Test (NCMAT), all the modules under the “Advanced Modules Category” and NISM Modules.

Please note that mobile phones are strictly not allowed inside the test room. A candidate found using any unfair means including use of mobile phone or in possession of any incriminating material during the test will be expelled from the test venue and his test would be cancelled. The decision of the test administrator in this regard would be final.

NSE Academy would not be responsible for safeguarding any identity proof brought for the purpose of verification or personal belongings and valuables such as mobile phones, books, laptops brought by the candidates in the premises while appearing for the NCFM tests. The candidates are advised not to bring valuables and any other personal belongings of high value while coming for the tests and if they do bring it, it will be at their own risk and NSE Academy will not be responsible in case the item is lost or a theft occurs of such items which are brought to the test centre.

Model tests / practice tests for certain modules are available under Education>Prepare for testing. In order to familiarize yourself about the pattern of the question paper, you may attempt any of the model test papers / practice tests. The questions in these model test papers / practice tests may not necessarily appear in your actual test paper.

Updated on: 30/01/2023