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Future and Option Trading Strategies

Future and Option Trading Strategies

10 Hours No Expiry Date Online

For more information, please Contact: 
 'Session Coordinator' 
 +91-9137386493 / +91 9137180194
Email id: helpdesk@empiricalacademy.net 

NSE Academy, in collaboration with Empirical F&M Academy, is offering a joint certified course on Futures & Options Trading Strategies". Financial Markets has revolutionized the way financial assets are traded. Thus it is imperative to develop understanding of technology and well defined strategies should be used intensively to get better returns in a highly competitive environment. Apart from Strategies and Hedging the course also cover the understanding of Option Greeks, its Calculations and impact. Our effort is to provide practical training which would assist real investors and traders with their Investments.

1. Basic concepts- Futures and Options - 2.5 hrs
- Need And Importance. Characteristics of Options
- Payoff structures. Scenario Analysis. What if analysis.
2. Factors affecting Options Price - 2.5 hrs
- Reasons for complexity in options price
- Models and calculators for option price calculation
- Individual impact of Time, Volatility, and Underlying Asset Price Movements
3. Different views and strategies for each view - 2.5 hrs
- Direction neutral strategies and Spread strategies
- Vertical and horizontal spread strategies
- Volatility strategies & Advanced structures with Options
4. Various Future and Option Formula to calculator - 2.5 hrs
- Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega - concepts and use in Risk management
- Gamma scalping. Exotic options overview.

  • Certificate from Industry leader
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion from NSE Academy & Empirical Academy.
  • Hands on Case study
  • Gain hands-on experience of research through modelling and hands-on practical assignments.
  • Create portfolios
  • Learn to create a portfolio from scratch in the Simulator based practical training on Real Time Markets through NSE Smart.
  • Comprehensive research skills
  • Acquire skills to do comprehensive research on the performance of companies.
  • Equity Analysis methods from the industry
  • Perform different kinds of analysis using methods widely used in industry.
  • Live & Interactive Digital Learning
  • Learn from anywhere at your comfort

There is no eligibility criteria.

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Investors
  •  Employees of BPOs/IT Companies
  • Employees of Brokers/Sub-Brokers
  • Housewives
  • Anyone who is interested to learn about trading strategies

For more information visit below link.

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