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Advance Technical Analysis

Advance Technical Analysis

16 Hour No Expiry Date Online

For more information, please Contact: 
 'Session Coordinator' 
 +91-9137386493 / +91 9137180194
Email id: helpdesk@empiricalacademy.net

In this course, you’ll learn a complete education about technical analysis trading. This includes how to use Support and Resistance, Trend lines, Channels, Fibonacci numbers, Swings, Candlestick and Chart patterns, Harmonic patterns, Market structure, Technical tools -Trending tools, momentum tools, volume tools, volatility, and more. You’ll also learn how to trade in trending markets and rangebound markets as part of successful strategies.

All associated persons functioning as approved users and sales personnel of the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange.

1. Market Mastery: Navigating the Present and Future

• Detailed discussion on present market scenario and cues for trading in the upcoming week.

2. Mastering the Mind: Unleashing Trading Psychology

• Trading Psychology and Behavioral Finance using all tenets of Dow Theory.

3. Bridging the Gaps: Unlocking Advanced Insights into Market Patterns

• Gap Theory - Advanced perspective of 4 types of gap and Island Cluster Pattern

4. Volume Vigilance: Harnessing the Power of Volume Analysis

• Volume Analysis using Volume based Technical Indicators

5. Drawing Tools Unleashed: Automation for Precision Trading
• Automated Trendlines and Drawing Tools

6. Stoploss Wizardry: ATR and the Art of Risk Management

• Stoploss calculation using ATR and its usage in various trading setup

7. Risk-Reward Wizard: Optimizing Long and Short Positions
• Risk-Reward Ratio Calculation and Visual Assistance in Long and Short Position

8. Chart Patterns Decoded: Advanced Western Chart Analysis
• Advanced Analysis of all Western Chart Patterns

9. Beyond the Basics: Exploring New Patterns and Price Formations

• Detailed Discussion on new patterns like Wedges, Diamonds, Rectangles, Triple Top and Bottom.

10. Volatility Chronicles: Understanding Mean, Deviation, and Bands

• Impact of Volatility, Concept of Mean, Standard Deviation, Confidence Interval and INDIA VIX

11. Bollinger Bands Unveiled: From Price Bands to Precision Trading

• Formation of Price Bands and true usage of Bollinger Bands

12. Divergence Dynamics: Unraveling the Relationship Between Price and Indicators

• Impact of Divergences and Confirmations between Price and Leading Indicators

13. Divergence Unleashed: Spotting Strong and Moderate Signals

• Strong and Moderate, Positive and Negative Divergences, Shift in Technical Indicator

14. Exit Strategies Revealed: Leveraging Technical Indicators for Trade Exits

• Exit Strategies of Long and Short Trades using Technical Indicators

15. Convergence Vs. Divergence: Mastering the Art of Indicator Analysis

• Convergences, Divergences and Crossovers in Technical Indicators

16. MACD Mastery: Early Signals with the Histogram

• Advanced Discussion on usage of MACD Indicator with Histogram for early signals

17. RSI Revelation: Advanced Techniques with RSI

• Advanced Discussion on usage of RSI Indicator with Divergences, RSI MA and RSI Bands

18. Stochastic Strategies: Fast and Slow for Intraday Trading

• Advanced Discussion on various forms of the Stochastic Indicator specially for Intraday Trading

19. Beyond the Basics: Exploring William %R and Other Indicators

• Advanced Discussion on William %R and other Technical Indicators

20. Candlestick Chronicles: Unveiling Pin Bars, Boring Candles, and Exciting Candles

• Price Action Prediction using Pin bars, Boring Candles and Exciting Candles

21. Zone Analysis Unlocked: Mastering Support and Resistance with Demand and Supply

• Support and Resistance mapping using Zone Analysis - Demand and Supply Zones

22. Candlestick Spotlight: Identifying Emerging Patterns in Real Time

• Identifying the emerging Japanese Candlestick Patterns on a real-time basis
23. Fibonacci Wizardry: Unveiling Retracement Levels and the Golden Ratio
• Chart Retracement levels using Golden Ratio and the World of Fibonacci

24. Elliot Wave Enigma: Exploring the Future through Wave Theory

• Introduction to Elliot Wave Theory and forming broader perspective about the future

25. Real-World Insights: Chart Analysis for Practical Application

• Questions and Answers relating to the topics covered along with real charts

• All associated persons functioning as approved users and sales personnel of the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange.
• Interested students/professionals.
• Investors and Traders
• Any other Individuals
• RM, SRM, & Dealers who would like to enhance their career opportunities.
• Students (10th, 10+2, Undergraduates, Graduates, Post-graduation

• Students
• Teachers
• Investors
• Employees of BPOs/IT Companies
• Employees of Brokers/Sub-Brokers
• Anyone who is interested to learn about Advanced Technical Analysis

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