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Microsoft 365 Excel

45 Hours No Expiry Online Self-Paced

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With businesses evolving constantly and increasing in complexity, MS Excel has become a popular tool for data analysis in organizations across the globe. It is used in every function, be it strategy, finance, accounting, HR or sales. Many organizations rely on Excel to create financial reports, budgets, forecasts and plans that are necessary for making informed business decisions.
MS Excel’s ability to automate calculations and manipulate large data sets saves time and increases productivity. It is a powerful tool for data analysis because it allows users to sort, filter and analyze data to identify trends, patterns and insights.

  •  Data management and formatting, Referencing in Excel, Data split, Data validation, Adding hyperlinks, Logical functions
  •  Lookup functions, Conditional functions, SUMPRODUCT function, Large and small values, Data concatenation, Working with dates and time
  •  Financial functions, Text-oriented functions, Aggregate function, OFFSET function, INDIRECT function, Formula auditing
  •  Statistical functions, Using Range Names, Excel Table, What If Analysis, Protecting Worksheet and Workbook, Dashboards and Data Summarization
  •  MS-365 Excel overview, Create dynamic sequence, Unique, sort and filter, New age lookup, Text-oriented functions
  • New data types, Create customized functions in Excel, Other functions, Assessment and study material
  • 1-Year of Access Get LMS access for one year
  • In-course exercises files to help apply knowledge in real-world situations
  • Joint certificate will be awarded by Grant Thornton & NSE Academy upon completion.
  • Learn practical concepts of Microsoft 365 Excel
  • Online Self-Paced Learn at your convenience.
  • Online Query Support Through LMS, by SME within 48-Hrs
Updated on: 24/06/2024