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Photo Upload

Candidates can upload photo online by accessing the link ‘Upload Photo’ available in their NCFM online login.

Please note photo being uploaded should be:

  • Passport size (3 X 3 cms or 1 X 1 inch or 150 X 180 pixels) (The photograph will be printed on your certificate. Hence, ensure that you upload appropriate passport size photograph only).
  • in JPEG format.
  • of file size below 19 KB

To reduce file size, please do the following :

i. Go to the link http://www.picresize.com and resize photo.

ii. Upload the resized photo.


i. Open the image file in Microsoft Paint

ii. Click Image - Stretch/Skew

iii. In Horizontal, change to 50% and in Vertical, change to 50%

iv. This will reduce the amount of space your image takes up on your disk to about 25% of the original size

v. Then click File, Save As abc or 123 and save the image as a separate file with a new name. Upload the photo.

vi. In case the file does not upload still, try reducing even more using the same method.

In case you are still facing any difficulty in uploading the photograph, please mail a scanned copy of the photo in jpeg format to ncfm@nse.co.in. Please mention your full name and NCFM registration number in the mail.

Updated on: 14/02/2024