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Personal Tax Planning - "Aaykar ko Apna Banaakar"

Personal Tax Planning - "Aaykar ko Apna Banaakar"

Total Duration Course Type
2 Days Offline / Classroom

For more information, please Contact:

Nandan:+91 8655647390

Jasmeet:+91 9821836326

Email id: nsingh@nse.co.in

"Personal Tax Planning - 'Aaykar ko Apna Banaakar'” is a training program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and strategies to improvise their tax planning. This program provides participants with insights into the intricacies of taxation on various incomes, transactions, and residency statuses. Additionally, attendees will gain an understanding of capital gains tax implications based on asset holding periods, types, and taxpayer statuses. Moreover, the program delves into tax planning strategies using financial products and basic estate planning concepts. Through interactive sessions and practical examples, participants will improve their awareness of finance, enabling them to make well-informed decisions regarding personal finance and tax matters.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the incidence of tax on various incomes, transactions, and residency status of individuals.
  • Evaluate the incidence of capital gains tax based on the period of holding an asset, the type of asset, and the taxpayer's status.
  • Recommend tax planning strategies using various financial products and assess their appropriateness in achieving clients' financial goals.
  • Develop basic knowledge of estate planning.
  • Augment awareness in the domain of finance.
  • Assist in making better-informed finance-related decisions.
  • Managers and employees involved in marketing and sales of financial services.
  • Managers directly dealing with clients at different levels, catering to their financial needs.
  • Individuals managing their own finances and investments.

Gain insights into tax nuances in individual investments, improving personal finance decisions.

Updated on: 25/04/2024