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Financial Modelling & Valuation

Total Duration Certification Validity Course Type
80 Hours No Expiry Date Online Self-Paced

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Kritika: 9372500961

Prashant: 8591297096

Email ID: bmahadik@nse.co.in

Financial modeling and valuation is a skill that is essential for anyone who wants to work in finance, investment banking, or corporate finance. It is the process of creating a model that represents the financial performance of a company or project. This model can then be used to analyze the company's current financial situation, forecast its future performance, and determine its valuation.
The program offers additional learning on Data Analysis tools and applications like R, Power BI & Tableau that will help learners to analyze large financial data to take complex financial decisions.

This program is a combination of three individual courses and learners will receive certificates for individual courses along with a certificate for the entire program.

  •  Certificate in Financial Modelling & Valuation
  •  Certification in Data Analytics using R
  •  Certification in Business Intelligence
  • 1-Year of Access Get LMS access for one year
  • In-course exercises files to help apply knowledge in real-world situations
  • Joint certificate will be awarded by Grant Thornton & NSE Academy upon completion.
  • Learn practical concepts of Financial Modelling
  • Online Self-Paced Learn at your convenience
  • Get ready with specialized skills sets in advance analytics and technologies
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