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Global Markets, Investments Instruments and Portfolio Management

Global Markets, Investments Instruments and Portfolio Management

Total Duration Certification Validity Course Type
125+ Hours No Expiry Date Online

For more information, please Contact:
Alison : +91 80974 93268
Kritika: +91 93725 00961

Email Id - gen_pdp@nse.co.in

Embark on a learning journey with our program comprising 20 certificate courses including 10 Popular certificates in the capital market from NYIF, providing an understanding of equity market investing, money market, fixed-income securities, forex market, and equity and asset-backed derivatives.


With over 125 hours of course content, including 10 international certificate courses, participants will gain a deep insight into global capital markets, mutual funds, fixed-income securities, equity markets, derivatives, and much more.

  1. The learning curve evolves from the basics of securities markets to portfolio management strategies for both equity and fixed-income portfolios.
  2. The program covers both aspects of analysis - behavioral as well as fundamental and helps participants deep dive into financial statement analysis.
  3. The program builds on the concepts of financial products into risk-adjusted financial planning and wealth management processes.
  • NRI – Business and Compliance 
  • Kiosk Banking Channel for Financial Inclusion 
  • International Banking, Trade Finance – Compliance required under FEMA
  • Global Capital Markets
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed Income Securities 
  • Equity Markets 
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Option Markets 
  • Hedge Funds
  • Asset Backed Securities
  • Fixed Income Portfolio Investment Strategies
  • Equity Portfolio Investment Strategies
  • Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • Analysis of Investment
  • Wealth Management 
  • Behavior Finance 
  • Bond Markets 
  • Financial Statements 
  • Financial Planning

10 Domestic Certificates

10 International Certificates

125+ Hours of Content

3 Years Access to NSE Knowledge Hub

1 Year Access to NSE Smart - Virtual Trading Simulator


20 Courses

20 Linkedin Sharable Certificates

Total Duration: 125+ Hours

Chapter wise Self evaluations

Access from Web and Mobile

Earn Additional Digital Badges

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