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DeakinCo.'s - Business Intelligence with Data & AI

03 - Days No Expiry In-person Bootcamp

For more information, please Contact:
Phone: +91 9811243210
Email: programinfo@nse.co.in


There has been a steady demand for Data & AI professionals as Artificial Intelligence has been steadily expanding its influence on businesses worldwide. Even though the opportunities for qualified professionals have been the focus, their efforts still need to be focused on specific business outcomes. In order to maximize their productivity and achieve business success, it is necessary to effectively leverage the abundance of emerging Data & AI professionals. This has made way for an optional interest for qualified man-made intelligence business pioneers. Data & AI insights are already being used by businesses to bring high-quality products to market, provide services with important points of differentiation, and provide exceptional customer service. Any business's Data & AI efforts will only be successful if the leadership behind them is strong. Current business pioneers need a legitimate comprehension of the capacities and impediments of man-made intelligence to change their organizations.

Business Intelligence with Data & AI is a 3-Day Bootcamp, in which Participants will learn how to plan and define methods to undertake business intelligence activities with data and AI, assuring delivery of business strategy by using a proactive approach to data architecture and data governance. Participants will learn to work with senior leaders to improve their strategy or business model using business intelligence. This Bootcamp will also help participants to improve organizational governance and standards to avoid reputational risk.

  • Gain insights into promoting & leading business intelligence activities within your organisation
  • Plan and define business intelligence activities, within agreed data management and data governance solutions
  • Improve their strategy or business model and to develop standards and guidelines for business intelligence operations
  • Certificate from DeakinCo. Australia powered by NSE Academy

Leading Strategically with Business Intelligence

  • Understanding the Global Market
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Financial Data and Models for Critical Analysis


Data and AI

  • Introducing AI Thinking and AI Driven Business Strategies
  • Developing Advanced Analytics Techniques
  • Data Management - Actively Developing and Managing Assets Relating to Data Governance, Data Ethics and Data Privacy

Case Study Application

  • Case Studies and Learning Application
  • Reflective Practice – individual and in groups
  • Applying the learning for individual participant’s leadership in the workplace
  • Product Managers
  • Business Heads
  • Delivery Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Engineering Managers
  • Data Science Consultants
  • Marketing Managers
  • R&D Managers


The program is meant for business leaders who want to learn how to use Data & AI to build products, provide services, or help customers. Utilizing real-world examples and case studies, the program will concentrate on applications and use-cases. It will cover ideas that make up AI and man-made reasoning, which will assist members with fostering a natural comprehension without an excess of accentuation on profound
specialized subtleties.

Updated on: 04/11/2023