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MS Excel Essentials

Total Duration Certification Validity Course Type
8 Hours No Expiry Online

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Prashant: 8591297096

Kritika: 9372500961

Email ID: bmahadik@nse.co.in

In today’s evolving business environment, all organizational functions need to work on complex spreadsheets representing financial results, budgets, forecasts, and plans. As a result, Microsoft Excel has become an integral data processing and analyzing tool for making critical business decisions. Since Microsoft Excel is domain and department agnostic, a strong working knowledge of the software can help professionals & students add immense value in their profile.

  •  Introduction to Excel, Cell Freezing and Referencing, Paste Special, Conditional Formatting, Sorting, Filter
  •  SUM and SUMIF, COUNT, COUNTIF and COUNTIFS, Average, Max, Min, Median & CAGR, Rounding Function
  •  Text Functions, Advance Charts, Group and Ungroup, Subtotal, Sum Product
  •  Large and Small, Text to Column, What if analysis – Data Table, IRR and NPV
  •  PPS – Choose Function, Transpose, Pivot Table, Analytics
  •  Query Editor, Power Query, Index and Constitutional Columns, Grouping and Aggregating Data
  •  Introduction to Data Models, Primary Key, Foreign Key, Data table and Lookup
  •  Creating Relationships, Hierarchies, Power Pivot, Dashboards
  • In-course exercises files to help apply knowledge in real-world situations.
  • Joint certificate will be awarded by Grant Thornton & NSE Academy upon completion.
  • 1-Year of Access Get LMS access for one year
  • Learn practical concepts of MS Excel
  • Online Self-Paced Learn at your convenience
Updated on: 24/06/2024