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Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module (DMDM)

Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module (DMDM)

120 minutes 3 Years Self - Learning


Derivatives are known to be among the most powerful financial instruments. The Indian equity derivatives market has seen tremendous growth since the year 2000 when equity derivatives were introduced in India. This module provides insights into different types of equity derivatives, their trading, clearing and settlement and the regulatory framework.

  1. NCFM exam are online and self-study basis and conduct in across India (TestCenter-200+) in English language.
  2. Open Office Spreadsheet will be provided
  3. There is 0.25% negative marking for incorrect answer.
  4. We allow all types of calculator during test.
  5. No. of questions: 60 /Maximum marks: 100/ Passing marks: 60 (60%).
  6. The question paper consists of objective type questions only.
  7. For every question, you will find four / five alternative answers. To select your answer, click on the radio button next to the alternative.
  8. Course Outline Topic:
    • Introduction to Derivatives
    • Understanding Interest Rates and Stock Indices
    • Futures Contracts, Mechanism and Pricing Forward Contracts
    • Application of Futures Contracts
    • Options Contracts, Mechanism and Applications
    • Pricing of Options Contracts and Greek Letters
    • Trading of Derivatives contracts
    • Clearing and Settlement
    • Regulatory Framework
    • Accounting for Derivatives

Sample paper link

  • To learn the basics of the derivatives market
  • To understand the use of derivative products in speculating, hedging and arbitraging
  • To learn the trading, clearing, settlement and risk management in equity derivatives
  • To learn the regulatory, accounting and taxation issues relating to equity derivatives.

Course Fees- Total Fees : Rs.2596/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety Six Only) Inclusive of Applicable Taxes.

No. of Questions 60
Max Marks 100
Pass Marks (%) 60

There is no eligibility criteria

  • Students
  • Stock Brokers and Sub-Brokers dealing in derivatives
  • Custodians and Employees of Mutual funds
  • Individual investors as well as High Networth Individuals (HNIs)
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Anybody having interest in the Stock market operations
Updated on: 11/01/2024