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MBA-FinTech The Future of Finance

2 Years No Expiry Date Offline

For more information, please Contact:-

Admission Helpline call or WhatsApp : +91 99159 99224, 99159 99223 | 1800 1212 88800


MBA (Financial Technology) at CU is a new specialized inter-disciplinary programme primarily focused on developing manpower with know-how and know-why skills required to transform and management of technology used in Fintech  services  industry.  This programme is tailored for graduates who plan to pursue a career in the Financial Technology, Big Data Analytics in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence areas as well as for those seeking career advancement, especially engineers, mathematicians, physicists, computer programmers and undergraduates in business and commerce and other high-tech professionals. The eligible undergrad CU Students can get this cutting edge specialized education at CU itself. This will result in saving of their time and money. This is in line with Chandigarh University’s mission to provide world class education at affordable cost..

The Curriculum and Course Catalogue is designed for the postgraduate students pursuing MBA-Fintech to help them to prepare and plan their academic activities throughout the course duration. The catalogue comprises information about the curriculum designed for the MBA-Fintech program. It also includes a detailed syllabus of all the courses offered in the program.

Vision & Mission

Vision of University

“To be globally recognized as a Centre of Excellence for Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and disseminating knowledge by providing inspirational learning to produce professional leaders for serving the society.”

Mission of University

1. Providing world class infrastructure, renowned academicians and ideal environment for Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Entrepreneurship relevant to the society.

2. Offering programs & courses in consonance with National policies for nation building and meeting global challenges.

3. Designing Curriculum to match International standards needs of Industry, civil society and for inculcation of traits of Creative Thinking and Critical Analysis as well as Human and Ethical values.

4. Ensuring students delight by meeting their aspirations through blended learning, corporate mentoring, professional grooming, flexible curriculum and healthy atmosphere based on co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

5. Creating a scientific, transparent and objective examination/evaluation system to ensure an ideal certification.

6. Establishing strategic relationships with leading National and International corporates and universities for academic as well as research collaborations.

7. Contributing for creation of healthy, vibrant and sustainable society by involving in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) activities like rural development, welfare of senior citizens, women empowerment, community service, health and hygiene awareness and environmental protection.

Vision of Department

“To attain eminence in business by delivering insights on the cutting edge and innovative technologies necessary for higher education and to meet the global standards & challenges in academia, research and industry through latest tools and technologies.”

Mission of Department

1. Maintaining high standards in teaching and learning by providing world class infrastructure, innovating pedagogy, instilling in students the ability for upgrading the program curriculum in line with international standards.

2. Providing a flexible curriculum that allows the students to study the courses of their choice that will make them industry ready and offering programs in accordance with national policies to inculcate ethical and social values in them.

3. To provide a fair and transparent evaluation system that will positively improve the competency of the students.

4. Building up key association with driving national and worldwide corporate giants and renowned institutes for scholastic and in addition inquire about joint research collaborations.

5. To impart hands on experience to aspiring undergraduates through interdisciplinary projects and for creating a collaborative environment open to free exchange of ideas where research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship can flourish.

6. Provide atmosphere to create management graduates for the upliftment of the society through ISR activities.


Program Educational Objectives

1. To be able to explore areas of research, application & innovation and make impact in different types of institutional settings such as corporate entities, government bodies, NGOs, inter-government organizations, & start-ups.

2. To be able to design, and implement strategies to the organizational problems through data analysis tools, effectively deploy knowledge of business analytics, demonstrate critical thinking skills make the intellectual connections between quantitative and qualitative tools, theories and context to solve the organizational problems

3. To be able to work with, lead & engage big and small teams comprising diverse people in terms of gender, nationality, region, language, culture & beliefs. To understand stated and unstated differences of views, beliefs & customs in diverse & inter disciplinary team settings

4. To be able to continuously learn and update one’s knowledge, engage in lifelong learning habits and acquire latest knowledge to perform in current work settings

5. To continuously strive for justice, ethics, equality, honesty, and integrity both in personal and professional pursuits.Able to understand and conduct in a way that is responsible and respectful.

  • Flexible Choice Based System for students to pursue courses of their interest.
  • Incudes Range of Courses to cover up the diversity of Specializations.
  • The world of Banking & Finance is evolving at an unprecedented rate, driven primarily by transformative cutting-edge FinTech solutions. The wide-scale adoption of Financial Technology has rapidly altered the dynamics of the global economy, resulting in a heightened demand for skilled FinTech Specialists.
  • This robust CU MBA-Fintech program thoroughly explores the different paradigms of New Age FinTech, thereby offering students a learning journey of the highest caliber.
  • This programme will be empowered like never before with hands-on training from industry experts, real-business case studies, tech-enabled projects based on Block chain, Cloud Computing and other prominent New Age tech tools, as well as valuable interactions with FinTech industry leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Those willing to learn can be confident of becoming highly sought after New Age FinTech Specialists.
  • To impart high competency in the students, the curriculum offers distinct ability enhancement and value-added courses.
  • Apart from the technical course, the program offers a range of courses that provides the students a broad range of knowledge and skill set like life skills and mentoring, soft skills, Aptitude, Communication skills, social and professional ethics in business, & environmental.
  • The curriculum offers Multi-disciplinary courses running in the university for other filed/areas.


1. Financial Management Knowledge: To develop necessary skills and knowledge in the area of financial management in businesses

2. Management Knowledge:  To develop holistic understanding of core management concepts and be able to apply that in business decisions.

3. Hands on Banking & Financial Tools: To get a real life exposure on banking software, accounting software and other tools used in BFSI industry and become proficient in their usage.

4. Manager and Society: To gain managerial capabilities required to improve societal health, safety, legal and cultural issues pertaining to society.

5. Environment and Sustainability: To develop understanding of environment impact of businesses and be able to apply management knowledge to develop sustainable solutions for future generations

6. Business Ethics & Values: To learn and apply business ethics principles and be committed to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the management practices

7. Individual & Team Work: To develop team skills and be able to lead various cross functional team with members from different background

8. Strong Communication: To be able to communicate effectively in an organization and with the other stakeholders to get inputs for an overall improvement for business community and society at large.

9. Contribution to National Wellbeing: To develop understanding of national needs and be able to synchronize organizations goals and objectives to national wellbeing

10. Technology Competence: To get a good exposure to work on different technology platforms in order to foster decision making in an organization.

11. Research Aptitude: To develop ability and willingness to engage in research, discovery & synthesis of new knowledge and information.

12. Critical Analysis & Problem Solving: To develop competence and attitude to critically analyse problems and attempt to find solutions in a logical and comprehensive manner.

Program Specific Outcomes

1. To enable students for a strong banking foundation in key functional domains to contribute to the different verticals

2. To equip students with tools and techniques of financial management to provide solutions based on the data points available in abundance in an organization

3. To provide hands on experience on banking software, Accounting Software, & other financial analysis tools to analyse information to implement organizational strategies

Bachelor degree in Management/Commerce /engineering or its equivalent in any discipline with at least 55% marks from recognized university, institute or college.

  • 8 Certifications from NSE Academy
  • 100% Internship to Every Student
  • Hand Holding by NSE Experts in Ist Semester
  • Industry Readiness Program by NSE Experts in 4rth Semester
  • Mentorship by Experts from NSE Academy
  • Global Mentorship by International FinTech Experts
  • Experiential Learning through International Live Projects & Internships
  • Exclusive Rights to Access Smart Virtual FinTech Lab by NSE Academy
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