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Technical Analysis (Weekend Batch)

10 Hours No Expiry Date Online

For more information, please Contact: 
 'Session Coordinator' 
 +91-9137386493 / +91 9137180194
Email id: helpdesk@empiricalacademy.net

Learn how to apply Technical Analysis as a standalone investment and trading methodology or as a addendum to fundamental analysis using tools that are based on price action and other technical principles. Technical analysis is important to understand the theory of investment and trading in markets. This Program is focussed on defining and applying momentum indicators to make buy and sell decisions. Instead of simply explaining and illustrating popular indicators like moving averages, RSI, MACD and stochastics, we review historical back tested results of each indicator so that you can objectively evaluate their performance.

1. Introduction to Technical Analysis - 1.5 hrs
- Types of Charts

2. Dow Theory and Concept of support and resistance - 2.5 hrs
- Case study of the Dow theory
- How it works? What it is? & Why the Technical Analysis need
- Support and resistance in the practice market
- Trend in the Stock

4. Various Chart Patterns and Moving Average Systems - 2 hrs
- Understand how chart patterns reflect the principles of behavioural finance
- Practical usage of the Moving

3. Trend line Systems and Candlestick Patterns - 2 hrs
- How to read the Candlestick patterns?

5. Indicators , Oscillators & Risk Management - 2 hrs
- Types of Indicators
- Use of Indicators in the application
- Trading Psychology And Risk Management

  • Certificate from Industry leader
    Earn a Certificate of Completion from NSE Academy & Empirical Academy.
  • Practical usage of Technical analysis
    Develop trading strategies based on technical theories and use in the NSE Smart application.
  • Case study of the Nifty stock and strategy for Trading
    Case studies showing you exactly how technical analysis can fuel pattern recognition, set price targets and plan your exit strategy
  • Get Edge in the corporate world
    Acquire skills to do comprehensive research on the performance of companies.
  • Financial Industry Professional
    Industry professional focusing on financial institutions for the curriculum and training
  • Live & Interactive Digital Learning
    Learn from anywhere at your comfort

There is no eligibility criteria.

  • Students
  • Investors/Clients
  • Traders
  • Sub-Brokers/Dealers
  • Working Executives
  • Other Financial Intermediaries
  • Any person who is interested in the technical analysis

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