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Bootcamp on Valuation with Prof. Aswath Damodaran

04 Days



For more information, please Contact: 

Shivkant Singhal | Email ID: shivkants@nse.co.in | +91 9810116866

Professionals who struggle to value companies, assets, or equities accurately, look no further than the Valuation Specialist, Professor Aswath Damodaran for training. With his expertise, any professional may confidently make financial decisions with a deeper understanding of business valuation.

In this bootcamp, Prof. Damodaran will guide you through the basics of intrinsic valuation, using real companies as examples to highlight the estimation issues and big picture perspective needed for cash flows, growth rates, and discount rates. He will then dive deeper into valuing control, synergy, and cross holdings in companies, as well as discussing the difficult-to-value companies across sectors and life cycles. Prof. Damodaran will also cover the use and misuse of multiples in relative valuation.

  1. The Discounted Cash Flow Model, Setting up the Model, The Big Picture of DCF Valuation, Valuation Examples, The Discount Rate Question
  2. Risk premiums and Betas, The Cost of Debt, Estimating Cash Flows, Estimating Growth Rates, Estimating Growth Patterns, The Terminal Value, Closing Thoughts on DCF
  3. Cash, Cross holdings and other assets, The Value of Control, Synergy and Transparency, The Liquidity Discount, Employee Stock Options, Challenges in Valuation, Valuing young, growth companies, Valuing mature companies in transition, Valuing declining and distressed companies, Valuing cyclical companies, Valuing commodity companies, Valuing financial service companies
  4. Valuing private businesses, Relative Valuation, Deconstructing multiples, Comparable company valuation
  • Interactive Live Virtual Classes by Prof. Damodaran
  • 3 months IMAA membership
  • Opportunity for Peer-To-Peer networking among global
  • community of valuation participants
  • Access e-library including the e-book “Valuation” by Prof. Damodaran
  • An Additional international certificate in Corporate Credit Analysis
  • All session presentation slides readily available via LMS
  • Access recordings after live sessions
  • Joint Certificate of attendance signed by Prof. Damodaran


  • Chief Executive Officers, Board Members, and Business Owners
  • Chief Financial Officers and Other Corporate Financial Staff
  • Head of Business Development, Strategy, and M&A
  • Chartered Accountants, Investment Bankers, and Management Consultants
  • Equity Research Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Business Angels, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Family Offices
  • Value any firm in any market, using discounted cash flow models (small and large, private and public)
  • Value a firm using multiples and comparable firms
  • Analyze and critique the use of multiples in valuation
  • Value “problem” firms, such as distressed companies or start-ups
  • Estimate the effect on the value of restructuring a firm
Updated on: 25/04/2023